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Full text of "[Constitution of the Leicester Anti-Slavery Association] [manuscript]"

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Whereas the institution of American Slavery is anti-christian and anti-republican ; and whereas its removal, in all human 
probability, will be hastened by a strong anti-slavery public opinion at the North ; and whereas our various relations to the 
South, Polilpal, Moral and Religious, are of a nature which compel us to act for or against the system, therefore the subscri- 
bers, residents of Leicester, with the hope of thereby advancing the sacred cause of Liberty, and with the fullest assurance 
that the blessings of Heaven will rest upon their efforts if they be faithful, unite themselves in a society to be governed by 
the following 


Article 1st. This society shall be called the Leicester Anti-Slavery Association. 

Article 2nd. This Association shall be unconnected with any existing Anti-Slavery organization. 

Article 3d. The object of this Association shall be to aid in the great work of the abolition of Slavery in the United States. 
This it will aim to do by public Discussions and Lectures; by the circulation of publications of a character to effect that 
object; by petitioning the state and national Legislatures on the subjectymd by every other means which are sanctioned by 
humanity and religion. 

Article 4th. The officers of the Association shall be a President, two Vice Presidents, a Secretary, and a Treasurer who shall 
compose an Executive Committee ; and a Town Anti-Slavery Committee of twenty person/ who shall be chosen annually 
by ballot at the first meeting of the Association in January, or, subsequently by adjournment, and shall hold their respective 
offices until others are chosen. A 

Article 5th. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association, or in his absence one of the Vice Presidents, or in 
their absence, n President pro-tem. 

Article 6th. The Secretary shall keep a true account of the doings of the Association; shall notify all meetings and shall 
read at each meeting the record of the previous one. *^ 

Akticle 7th. The Treasurer shall collect all subscriptions and donations, hold all its funds and make payments according to 
the direction of the Executive Committee ; he shall keep an account of the same and render a statement to accompany the 
annual report of the Executive Committee. 

Article 8th. The duties of the Executive Commitee shall be to engage Lecturejjfc provide places of meeting; present to the 
Association, for its approval, subjects for special consideration from time to time ; purchase such publications as a majority of 
the Association shall approve of at a regular meeting and distribute them in due proportion to each member of the Town 
Anti-Slaveiy Committee ; circulate subscription papers whenever the state of the Treasury shall render it necessary ; inspect 
and audit the accounts of the Treasurer; call special meetings; prepare such Petitions as the Association may approve of; 
forward them to the Town Committee :— upon their return arrange and despatch them to the proper persons;— and present 
at each annual meeting a written Report of the doings of the Association, accompanied with such suggestions they may 
think are called for. 

Article 9th. The duties of the Town Anti-Slavery Committee shall be to distribute such publications in the Town, as they 
shall receive from the Executive Committee, by order of the Association ; to circulate petitions having for their object the 
removal of Slavery, or to do any other Anti-slavery service which the association may require.— They will make returns in- 
dividually or collectively to the Executive Committee and look to that Committee for information as to the wishes of the 

Article 10. This Association shall have at least one public meeting a month for the consideration of any question having 
reference to Slavery, which a majority of the Association shall have approved of; or to hear Lectures :— and at ail meetings 
forfriscussion persons who are not members shall have ihe same right to speak as those who are. 

Article 11th. The public meetings of the Association shall be held, as far as practicable, in different parts of the Town. 

Article 12th. Special meetings of the Association may be called by the Executive Committee upon the petition of any five 

Akticle 13th. Any resident of the Town may become a member of this Association by subscribing to this Constitution. 
Article 14th. In all the meetings of the Association, the voice of a majority of the present members shall be considered for 

the time the voice of the society :— provided always that the acquiescence of the minority shall not be construed into an 

approval or into a sharing of responsibility with the majority. 

Article 15th. This Constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the Association provided notice of the proposed 
amendment has been given at a previous meeting in writing. 

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